5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Fusebox with A Modern Consumer Unit

When it comes to the safety of your home and your loved ones, there's no room for compromise. As a responsible homeowner in Kent, one of the most important steps you can take to increase the safety of your property is upgrading your consumer unit. This is something that most Kent homeowners tend to overlook. ‘Never caused me any issues’ is something I hear more often than not, but this doesn’t mean is also offers the best protection technology can offer to date. In reality the protection your old fusebox offers is very poor, leaves you vulnerable to electrical and fire hazards.

The Benefits of Having An Electrical Safety Report (EICR) in your Kent Home

Or as is the correct name, Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is something I see over and over again to be neglected in more properties I can count, but remains an essential element to your property’s good general condition and safety.

While domestic landlords are now legally required to have 5 yearly electrical inspection in their rental properties, there is no law stating this inspection needs to be done at any given time which potentially leaves your electrical installation with electrical hazards and an accident waiting to happen.

The Risks of Vulcanised Rubber Cables (VIR) and Why Needs Rewiring

Vulcanized Indian Rudder cable or as it’s more widely known, VIR cable, is the type of cable that was widely used in electrical installation in the UK from somewhere around the 1930s up to the 1960s when eventually got replaced with the first form of the twin and earth cable we use today.

Even to this day there are quite a few houses around Kent who are still wired in VIR cables and in my job as an electrician I come across them very often.

The Benefits of CCTV in Your House: Securing Your Home and Peace of Mind

For many of us ensuring our homes and loved ones are safe has become a top priority. A popular and effective safety measure for many Kent homeowners is the installation of a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system. These sophisticated surveillance systems provide numerous benefits, offering homeowners an invaluable tool to deter crime, enhance safety and provide peace of mind.


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Here are 6 ways you can benefit by installing a CCTV system in your Kent home.

Why Electric Radiators are better than Storage Heaters for Kent Homes

There is no doubt energy efficiency is something that we are all looking to improve upon. With mains gas supplies not being available in every corner of Kent, electric storage heaters have, in the past, tended to be the preferred source of heating for many homes. It’s a very popular choice when it comes to non-gas ways of heating not just in Kent but in the rest of the country too. But it may not be the most cost effective and efficient way to heat your home.

Carry on reading if you would like to know why electric radiators are a better option than storage heaters.

CCTV and Alarm installations in Kent

In both the domestic and the commercial sector there is an increasing number of people looking to increase their security with the addition of CCTV and alarm systems.

Often I visit properties where I will have to work with the owner to make sure we offer the best cover with a value for money service.

Whilst the alarm systems we install are predominately wireless with a proper CCTV system we still have to run cables with most times the best way to do this is to run the cable at the outside of the house as discreet as possible.


Local Electrician in Medway

It has never been easier to locate your local electrician in Medway. A simple google search for an electrician in your area can return hundreds of results within a few seconds. However, many people have greater confidence in word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family when looking for an Electrician providing Local services for customers in Medway.

When selecting an electrician to complete the work that you require you will probably be looking for a qualified electrician, local to you with a great reputation.

Lighting Electrician in Medway and Kent

As experienced Lighting electricians in Medway and Kent, our clients at Eru Electrics often ask for our assistance and advice on lighting solutions. This can be to upgrade existing fittings, to change the feeling of the space or advice on how to save money in energy costs.

As NICEIC electricians in Medway and Kent, we are qualified to work to current standards and legislations. Our diverse experience means we can confidently advise on lighting services and solutions that save our clients both money and energy.