Safety in your bathroom in Medway

As a local Medway electrician, another room I very often see electrical hazards is the bathroom.
And it's not only older bathrooms that were build were electrical safety wasn't so strict, but even in quite new installations when the work hasn't been done by a qualified electrician.

For your own safety I offer even more advise on how to protect yourself and your family from electrical hazards in the bathroom.



In the next few days I will be renewing the Eru Electrics’ insurance and was thinking how many tradesmen/women, and especially electricians out there are operating without any trade insurance. 

Have a Safe Christmas in Medway

He sees your overloaded sockets, and the Christmas roast you left alone in the oven. No, it's not Santa, it's George your Local Medway Electrician!

December is already here and everyone's getting ready for Christmas. Especially little ones are very excited. My son talks about the presents he wants for the last two months!

This festive period is also the time that electrical hazards going rocket sky.