Electrician in Medway and Maidstone

Locating and selecting a suitable qualified and registered electrician to work in your home can be a daunting task. When selecting an electrician to work in your home it is important that you feel you can fully trust your electrician to be reliable and carry out work to a high standard whist complying with electrical safety guidelines.

To help assist with locating a suitable electrician, the government have a useful search feature for consumers which lists all fully qualified and registered electricians working in England and Wales.

Registered Competent Person

Registered Competent person was launched on 2nd July 2014 following lengthily government consultations. Prior to this there was no single place that customers could search for an electrician. There were two registers run by individual bodies however they were not fit for purpose and were not helpful to the public.

Registered Competent persons promotes electrical safety in the home and the importance of using only qualified electricians to carry out work in your home. Electricity kills 1 person every week and injures thousands more. Householders have received serious injuries due to the work of un registered electricians.

Cracking down on sub-standard and dangerous work

With 20,000 unregistered electricians carrying out electrical work every day often without the homeowner's knowledge, it's not surprising many people are dubious when trying to locate an electrician to carry out required work.

The Registered Competent Person is not branded or sponsored in any way. It is the only full register of electricians that is non biased and government approved. The only way electricians can appear on the Registered competent Person list is by being appropriately qualified and registered with an approved scheme such as NICEIC , NAPIT etc. Electricians cannot pay to be added to the register.

Avoiding Unregistered electricians

Customers do not realise the electrician they have selected are not qualified and/or registered to carry out electrical work within homes. They are often selected due to cheap quotes and customers are not aware of how to check if the electrician is registered.

As a registered electrician in Medway and Maidstone I carry out an increasing amount of work for home owners who have had sub-standard electrical work completed in their homes. It's never nice having to charge twice for the same job however I would always recommend checking qualifications and registrations before work begins.

Thanks to Registered Competent Person it’s now really easy to find a qualified and registered electrician. You can search by postcode or the company name and the search will bring up the relevant results.

Electrical Safety in Medway and Maidstone

Eru Electrics are proud to be listed as a Registered Competent Person. I highly recommend to any householder needing electrical work that they find an electrician through Registered Competent Person. With people relying on the use of social media to locate contractors to complete work, spreading the word of checking the electrician against the register will do its job and save people from the hazards caused by unregistered electricians.