I provide a wide range of services which include:

  • Domestic and commercial electrical installations - We undertake every aspect of Domestic and small commercial installation with the customer’s needs in our mind offering the best advice to make your life easier.
  • Full and part re-wires - Property renovation is one of the fastest growing business in the UK. Because it looks ‘fine’ it doesn’t it actually is. Obsolete electrical installations are one of the biggest hazards in your property. Don’t allow yourself and your family live in a property with a hazardous electrical installation. Get in touch today for a free quote for your electrical installation upgrade. All work backed with a five years warranty.
  • Old fuse box upgrades - A well maintained electrical installation can be in service safely for a lot of years. Our understanding of people safety changes every year. Also, most people don’t know that the old fuses are there only to protect the cables but not people. Upgrading your old fuse box to a new Dual RCD Consumer Unit is the bare minimum you can do to bring your well maintained but old electrical installation up to date with current safety standards.
  • Emergency lighting - What’s the most important thing you need during a power cut? The ability to see yourself around of course. Don’t get caught in the dark, get in touch today for your emergency lighting installation.
  • Electric heating (underfloor & storage heating) - We all know the feeling of freezing cold tiles in the bathroom floor during winter. Electric underfloor heating is an energy efficient option to get rid of this feeling. No central heating in your property? Then why not install storage heaters. They may cost a little extra to buy that conventional wall heaters but you don’t have to worry that you will go freezing cold after you switch them off.
  • CAT5/6 networks installation - Nowadays most modern houses require fast broadband wiring. It’s even more important with businesses who really on a reliable internet connection to remain ‘in business’. This is one more thing we can offer you. So get in touch...
  • Inspection & Testing (Landlord’s Certificates) - For residential properties is always advised to test the electrical installation every 10 years. Although not legally bounding, this is the best way to get a health check on your installation and act before things get worst. If you are a landlord you need to do this every 5 years. Even if no one will force you to do it, an accident to your tenants by a faulty and un-tested electrical installation can have significant legal consequences. Don’t get caught to unnecessary legal battle for the sake of a few pounds to test your property’s electrical installation.
  • Intercom systems - An absolute necessity to a block of flats, or a large size house. You could even avoid awkward encounters with unwelcome sales people by installing a intercom system with camera.
  • Domestic fire detection (Smoke alarms) - You can always go for the cheap battery smoke detectors. But did you know that most of the time you won’t be able to listen them in your bedroom if a there is a fire to the bottom floor? Don’t risk yours and your family’s lives. Ask us for a free quote to install mains powered (with battery backup) smoke/fire detection system. Will include a variety of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (the silent killer) detectors.
  • Additions Alterations
  • Fault finding


All work is carried out with the customers needs in mind, from start to finish, we always ensure that all of our work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standards as we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and delivering their requirements.

If you need a quote for electrical work in your home and are located within our catchment area then please do not hesitate to contact us. Quotes are free. We pride ourselves on our premium level of service, punctuality, and high standards. Do not delay a service that may cost less than you expect!

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