St George's Day

This month up and down in England we celebrate St. George’s day and of course we are looking forward to the English festival at the Riverside Park in Rainham. Back in my home country, everyone has a name day and it’s celebrated like a second birthday. 

St George is also a major saint in the Greek Orthodox Church and George is the second most common name in Greece, it is celebrated on 23rd April and would always be a day that nearly half of your friends would be celebrating!  


In the same way that St George is the patron saint of England, in Greece every city, town and village has its own saint and my dad’s village has St George.


I remember the days when 23rd April would be on a weekend and as a small child we would visit his village to go to the festival, which was pretty much similar to the English festival.

Although a lot of things are done differently between different countries, it’s funny how similar things sometimes are, like the way we celebrate St George.


Those similarities and differences, are found in the electrical industry as well. Although electricity and electrical theory are the same everywhere, on a practical level things can be very different. When we moved to the UK I was already a fully qualified electrician but, after spending four years working for the Salvation Army in East London, I decided to go back to electrics and I had to requalify for this. I know that I could still find employment without any UK qualifications, I did them anyway because I’m committed to doing the job I love properly.


At the moment I hold an NVQ level 3 in Electrical Installations and a level 3 qualification in electrical testing, a course with a high fail rate and I am proud of myself for passing it on my first attempt. I also hold the JIB grade as an Approved Electrician.


 So if you need a fully qualified electrician in Medway, just give me a shout!