Safety in your bathroom in Medway

As a local Medway electrician, another room I very often see electrical hazards is the bathroom.
And it's not only older bathrooms that were build were electrical safety wasn't so strict, but even in quite new installations when the work hasn't been done by a qualified electrician.

For your own safety I offer even more advise on how to protect yourself and your family from electrical hazards in the bathroom.


Sockets are not allowed in any room that has bath tub or a shower. There are only two exclusions on this rule. One, the socket has to be as least 3m (9ft ish) away from the end of the tub or shower. Second, to be inside a cupboard with a door.
Shaver sockets are excluded from this rule.


If the light is inside the immediate area of the shower or bath tub, and up to 600mm (2ft ish) away for the end of them, then it must comply to certain standards. Every light fitting within the above area it must be rated, at least, on IP44. If you are buying it yourself then make sure you check the packaging that the light is 'bathroom rated' or ask a member of stuff.

Although outside of those areas you are not restricted from the IP rating, it's always a good idea to comply anyway. You never know how far a water spray can go if you drop the shower head while showering. Some electricians in Medway won't install anything less anyway for theirs and yours peace of mind.


If central heating is not an option for your bathroom an electric one is the only option then it always has to be permanently fixed to the wall and hard wired to an electrical connection point.

Never use portable electric heaters or any other portable appliance inside your bathroom, they consist a serious electric hazard.