Safe Use of Electricity in your Medway Kitchen

Your kitchen is possible the room with the most electrical hazards from any other in your home. Your local Medway electrician will be able to advice you on how to avoid them but in case you can't get hold of them or you don't know one then you can have a read to my helpful guide bellow.

  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are two of the appliances, apart from ovens, who cause a big number of electric fires. If you have a wash load in then either wait for it to finish before you leave home or leave for when you are back.
  • If your toast stacks, before you attempt to remove it make sure you unplug the toaster to avoid the risk of electrocution. I know it looks fun on YouTube but it's very dangerous.
  • Give to your oven and grill a good clean now and again. Grease residues are highly flammable.
    Talking about ovens, never put food in it and leave your home. Food is the first thing that will ignite if something goes wrong.
  • Do not overload your sockets buy plugging in too many appliances. Sockets with USB ports are a good way to free up some space.
  • Last but not least, make sure your have a working heat/smoke detector in your kitchen. They are life savers if a fire starts in your kitchen.
    You will also need a Carbon Monoxide detector if you have a gas hob/cooker or your boiler is inside your kitchen

Enjoy your cooking!