Electrical Advice for Medway Pet Owners

medway pets

Being an electrician in Medway, a good number of my clients are having pets in their homes. More than once I've seen damages or damages waiting to happen due to the fact that most people don't realize that their dog possible will going to chew that extension lead!

Fear not! To make yours, and your pet's lives safer carry on reading for my advice.

  • Don't leave extension cables loose around the floor. Apart from being a trip hazard, it is a nice replacement for their chewing toy.
  • If your pet is playfully is running around make sure you have your portable electric heater either switched off or to a safe distance. It can easily cause a fire if one them goes face down to the floor without anyone notice
  • With a lot of pets being in 'socket height', keep an eye for damaged or with burn marks sockets.
  • If you have a small, or a bigger, aquarium make sure you keep it to a safe distance from any socket outlets, and extension leads not immediately next to it. Don't forget, water and electricity don't go well together.

If you believe that your installation is unsafe for your pet or you may need some extra sockets them please contact your local and registered electrician and ask for their professional advise.