In the next few days I will be renewing the Eru Electrics’ insurance and was thinking how many tradesmen/women, and especially electricians out there are operating without any trade insurance. 


All good electricians in Medway and other areas care to have the right insurance in place for their own and their customer’s peace of mind.


There are two main insurance types that a good electrician always has in place.

The first one is the Public Liability Insurance, which will cover any costs of any damages to your property while they are doing works and/or if you or a member of your family gets hurt as a result of bad workmanship. A minimum cover of £2m is required in order to be registered with a Part P scheme.


The second is Professional Indemnity, which will cover any legal costs that the electrician has to pay in a case of a court case, irrespective of any actual liability from them. Although this insurance is not a requirement for registration with a Part P scheme, it’s essential if an electrician does Condition Reports (Safety Reports) or designs your electrical works. This is something that pretty much every registered electrician does anyway.


Why does this matter when you are choosing an electrician you may wonder? Especially when you can always claim compensation directly from them, right? The bottom line is that most local Medway electricians won’t be able or willing to cover a potentially large bill for damages and they will simply close the business and you won’t be able to claim anything back.


A good electrician will always want to stay in business and will always have all the necessary insurances to help them remain in business.