Hacking Reports on Ring Products

There has been some recent report about a security issue that caused different Ring devices to get hacked.
As a result those hackers were able to take control of people's Ring devices and either shout obscenities to their neighbours or set the alarm off in the middle of the night.
There is a very simple way to protect yourself from this by simple deactivating the Two-Factor Authorisation.
  • Open your Ring app.

DIY Electrical Work

A recent survey sent to UK householders reveal the dangerous risks that UK householders take when carrying out work on their home electrics.

Whilst not all DIY electrical work is illegal, it does require a common sense approach. It is perfectly legal for to carry out like for like DIY electrical work in your home so if you are looking to replace some lights in your living room or replace a broken or cracked socket then you can do this – but only if you feel confident in doing so.